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Staying Safe

The facts and statistics you need to know about sexually transmitted diseases. The odds of you getting a life-threatening STD aren’t as bad as public commercial announcements make them out to be. But they do exist – and the mystery that surrounds them just confuses the issue. Here we’ll break down with actual facts and stats just how safe – […]

Sex Addiction

When pleasure becomes an obsession… Sex addiction is one of the dependencies less confessed or visible of all the ones that exist. However, it has increased lately the number of patients seeking help because of the consequences of this sexual disorder, as is to be: Economic ruin Labor Problems Marital problems Divorces Anxiety Depression Sex addiction can manifest itself in […]

How to Get Women Into Bed With You – 4 Tips to Hook Her and Make Her Want You

For most guys, getting a woman into bed is nothing more than a game of chance. They hope that they can get lucky, they hope that they can stumble upon a woman that will end up going to bed with them. Well, it does not have to be that way. There are things that you can do that will make […]

Tips on How to Flirt With a Woman – 3 Tips Every Man Needs to Know

No matter how good or how bad you might be at attracting women, just about any guy can always stand to pick up a few tips on how to flirt with women. After all, I am sure that you have probably been at least one or two flirting situations with a woman where you just felt like you didn’t have […]

Councils how to get acquainted with the girl on the Internet:

First of all upload the photos.   No matter, whether you think of how to get acquainted with the girl on a dating site or on social networks. Always upload the photos. They have to be of enough high quality. But you shouldn’t ask the familiar photographer to photoshop them so as if you have just acted for a magazine […]

How Porn is Aiding Women to Have a Great Sex Life?

Fake or True: Porn is Aiding Women to Have a Great Sex Life?

You have read right, today I am going to talk about women and porn. Obviously, on the whole, it is a taboo subject on which women don’t usually want to talk about. Well, it has been changed over the years as an increasing number of women are not hesitating to talk about sex or pornography. Watching porn or discussing about […]

Porno and blockchain: story of a cryptorromance that promises

Porno and blockchain: what to expect

Initiatives based on the use of technology that supports virtual currencies come from the less-thought-out sector; the relationship between technology and adult movies. The spirits were down in the field of crypto technology, with bitcoin, the main virtual currency, recovering from the fall of late 2017 and early this year (still trading at half its maximum value); and with the […]