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How Porn is Aiding Women to Have a Great Sex Life?

Fake or True: Porn is Aiding Women to Have a Great Sex Life?

You have read right, today I am going to talk about women and porn. Obviously, on the whole, it is a taboo subject on which women don’t usually want to talk about. Well, it has been changed over the years as an increasing number of women are not hesitating to talk about sex or pornography. Watching porn or discussing about […]

Porno and blockchain: story of a cryptorromance that promises

Porno and blockchain: what to expect

Initiatives based on the use of technology that supports virtual currencies come from the less-thought-out sector; the relationship between technology and adult movies. The spirits were down in the field of crypto technology, with bitcoin, the main virtual currency, recovering from the fall of late 2017 and early this year (still trading at half its maximum value); and with the […]