These Are Some Of The Best Dating Sites (And I Bet You’ve Never Heard About Them Before)

We all march to the beat of our own drums, but maybe your drum is in a completely different song or genre from what most people you meet are used to. Don’t worry, you can find plenty of people out there just like you who will want to meet you and make a date which hopefully will lead to a long and lasting relationship.

The problem you have ran into so far has been so many of the people you find on dating websites ‘just don’t get’ you at all. They think you are strange or maybe you think they are, either way there just hasn’t been a great connection for you with anyone. The websites I am going to direct you to here are geared for a specific group of people with a shared interest or trait’ and they’re some of the best dating sites for that!

Dating to the Rhythm
And now you can find them.

I brought up a marching to your own beat and we are going to discuss a website for people who have similar musical interests. The site is Taste Buds. It is specifically geared for you musical interests so if you love classical music you won’t be matched with someone who love 80’s hair bands and vice versa.

Fill up your profile with your favorite musical choices and Taste Buds will match you up with people who share your same interests. You will be able to have discussions, share music, and connect online before you ever meet up and once you do you can be assured the person you meet will be dancing to the same tune.

Getting Dirty
Let’s get down and dirty…

Alright now, clean up your mind and get it out of the gutter, this next site is not a sex site, but rather a great site for people who enjoy the outdoor lifestyle. If your idea of fun involves camping, hiking, guns and ammunition, or any other kind of outdoor fun then muddymatches is the site for you.

At Muddy Match you will create a profile to see matches of people who also enjoy the outdoor or ‘muddy’ lifestyle. You can also see how muddy you are by taking their profile survey as well as get notifications from the site about events in your area you might be interested in. With a site full of outdoor lovers you are sure to find a match.

Narcissism Anyone?
Now THIS is beautiful!

Beauty can be such a cross to bear in this life of ours, all the attention to either sex if you happen to be one of the beautiful people out there can be overwhelming but it’s not always easy to meet the right match for you. If you are tired of being a ten and meeting fives, the website for you is beautifulpeople.

Beautiful People use a voting system of their own membership to keep the princes and princesses and weed out the frogs and dogs. If you put a profile up on this site be sure to put the best pictures of yourself on there so you can get through the voting process. Meet your next romantic interest on Beautiful People and find that other ten that belongs in your life.

Time for Your Playdate
Good looking parents. Any takers?

Are you always making playdates for your child and never get to have any fun yourself? Have the people you dated ran away screaming when they found out you have a child? The answer for you is to meet other single parents on datingforparents. Full of other single parents, the members on Dating for Parents are in a similar situation to you.

Because you are both single parents, there will be plenty of shared topics such as parenting, time management, and even unique actions of your child. Dating for Parents is a great place for you to connect with other parents, share cute stories and horror stories while searching for that perfect connection for you and your child.

The Darker Side
Come, join the dark side.

The website for those who are feeling misunderstood by the yuppie, preppie, clean cut, and jock or nerd types just might be gothicmatch. Gothic Match is perfectly made for those who enjoy the darker side of life and enjoy dressing the part. If this fits you, join up and see if you can make a meaningful connection with another goth lover.

Connect with other gothic people out there and get away from the rest of the crowd who just doesn’t seem to ‘get’ you and your friends. On Gothic Match you can share ideas, pictures, and be as creative or as goth as you want to be.

Gone to the Dogs
Not so pretty, Jack.

Has Beautiful People kicked you off after just one hour? Did your parents have to tie a pork chop to you just to get the family dog to play with you? Don’t fret, there is hope and a website out there for you too. This website is dedicated specifically to you and other ugly people out there, it is theuglybugball.

At The Ugly Bug Ball you can hook up with other ugly people out there and find someone who you will connect with very easily. As the old saying goes, ugly people need love too; just because someone is not physically attractive does not mean they don’t have a big heart and a wonderful world to share with someone very special.

Food Issues

Are you having trouble dating or finding someone else who leads a gluten free lifestyle? Try glutenfreesingles and make a match with someone else who shares your choice to live gluten free. At Gluten Free Singles you will know you are connecting with someone you can go to dinner with and feel comfortable with whatever you choose to order.

As you can see there are lots of websites out there to simply match you with someone else based on some of the simplest interests or traits. Try some of them out and see what can happen when you share some of your interests with others of similar tastes.