Councils how to get acquainted with the girl on the Internet:

First of all upload the photos.


No matter, whether you think of how to get acquainted with the girl on a dating site or on social networks. Always upload the photos. They have to be of enough high quality.

But you shouldn’t ask the familiar photographer to photoshop them so as if you have just acted for a magazine cover.

Remember that once you, after all, should meet in real, your partner’s expectations will be overestimated.

Also, it isn’t necessary to create 25 albums with stupid names and so on. Let it will be several photos, but abrupt. If such isn’t available for you yet, then safely go to nightclub. There always professional photographers work. Then just you find the photo on the website and upload – you already have a new avatar!


Fill out the section “About”.


It isn’t necessary to paint all the biography or “ridiculous” stories from the past there. Write about yourself most capaciously, shortly and interestingly. It will be the first information which will be seen by the girl on your page.

Try to interest her and hook. Write a little brightly that she had had a desire to ask you questions and to continue communication.


Don’t lie.

It isn’t necessary to pose as the one whom you aren’t actually. Sooner or later you, after all, should break from yourself this mask.

If you nevertheless want to learn how to get acquainted with the girl on the Internet and to hook on her, then the answer is very simple: just be yourself. You shouldn’t invent any stories, to play foolish roles and to be in eternal tension. Believe, all this is felt even via the screen.

And so you will be most weakened, self-assured. What else is necessary for the girl? The main thing, don’t slide to tediousness. To be yourself – it doesn’t mean to be such, like you with parents or friends.