Councils on fast acquaintances on the Internet

You have to realize the main thing: in fact, the Internet differs in nothing from real life. The more you will delay a meeting, the more there are chances that someone another will be more courageous and more impudent than you.

Many guys very much are afraid of a personal meeting, it won’t turn out to sit in the house stretched track bottoms anymore and to represent from itself the macho of year. There she will need to work, look in the face. 10 minutes won’t reflect over the interesting answer or to look for information in Google.

Actually, everything is very simple. You take her phone number, you call and you negotiate about a meeting. That’s all! Don’t invent to yourself excess problems. Also, don’t behave like the school student. Don’t send her stupid virtual gifts. Take number and act.

Taking 5-10 phones in a day is easy.

The main is that you in one day you can get acquainted with 5-10 girls at the same time.

You can choose, perfect the skill of flirtation, estimate appearance. And it can repeat every day until you find those one or several girls who really will interest you.

Advantages of acquaintances on the Internet.

There it is simpler to interest the girl if you are not in a subject. She doesn’t see you, your gestures, your mimicry. Only photo, smiles, and messages. Nonverbal communication is very important in dating.

It what girls pay attention to. And here you use the strengths at once.

Disadvantages of an acquaintance on the Internet.

You can’t see her at once. As a rule, at the real meeting, the girl appears not like you have seen her on photos, more stoutly. It is such a standard set of the beauty of the Internet. It is far simpler to it to be behind the account in social networks. Therefore don’t create illusions and at once be ready to different outcomes of your meeting.

One more thing you don’t hear her voice. There are guys for whom it is very important. So don’t pull and at once take her phone number.

Don’t select a phrase for an acquaintance. It looks stupidly.