Polish Dating – The 3 Tips To Remember (And A Little Help To Get You Going)

Polish? Really? What makes Polish women better to date than other women of the world? Isn’t Poland just the little sister country of Germany? Not hardly, and actually Polish women just might be the best group of women to date and find a way to settle down that the entire world has to offer.

Polish women are well known to be outstanding caregivers, very nurturing and motherly in their actions, any man would be lucky to have the undivided attention of a Polish woman. This is most evident when you are sick, which, let’s all admit, when men become babies very quickly, a Polish woman will take good care of you and nurture you back to full health.
She’s Polish, and she’ll take care of you…

She’s Polish, and she’ll take care of you’

While being a great caregiver is certainly one trait of a Polish woman that all men need to admit they would want in any woman. There are a ton of outstanding qualities of Polish women that set them apart, especially from the women of the western world.

Wholesome Dove
You know this, right?

Polish women are as a majority act as a lady should. They are usually very gentle in nature and take great care to ensure the man in their lives know they are a woman and not a man or even a little bit masculine.

Women in Poland are brought up to know they are the fairer sex and act as such. This can be very sweet for men because you are able to show you care by taking care of simple things like carrying the bags, opening doors, and escorting her to her ride such as the bus.

Along with this ladylike trait of being the ‘weaker sex’ women of Poland are expected to walk arm in arm with their man. This can be very sweet most of the time, as long as you avoid crowded sidewalks or very small corridors, but remember you will be walking at her pace, not yours.

To stay in context with the feminine traits above, Polish women will lay all over you when you are relaxing. This is a seriously sweet trait to have and certainly will make you feel comfortable while enjoying each other’s company, who wouldn’t enjoy having their mate lay with them and just relax while enjoying each other’s time.

She’ll BE with you…

Along with all these wonderful traits, a Polish woman will not allow you to see her undone. Meaning she will always look her best for you and want you to appreciate her appearance since her appearance and what you think of it is really important to her.


What the heck is goosefraba? Didn’t you see Anger Management with Jack Nicholson and Adam Sandler? If not you should, and by the way, I’m absolutely certain I misspelled that word. At any rate, the point here is Polish women have a very calming nature about them.

To go along with the nurturing side we discussed earlier, they are very caring, motherly, and even tempered. Rarely do you see a Polish woman raise her voice and never her hand. In general, they are simply more able to keep an even keel than many other women of the world, who make many men, once they meet a Polish woman, want to make them the mothers of their children.

Along with being really calm, Polish women are not trying to ‘play the field’ and are not interested in a one night stand or just a sex weekend. Instead they are more likely to stay with you and only you as long as the two of you are together. This certainly helps to cut down on the drama in a lot of relationships and can be a real refreshing quality to enjoy.

She is YOURS…

Polish women do not ‘play the game’ either. Most of them don’t even know what the game is or what the rules are. They are simpler about their relationships and give you the ‘what you see is what you get’ approach rather than making you wonder what they are thinking.

The Cloud Overhead

A few things that you really need to be careful about with your sweet, even tempered Polish woman are their mother, their brains, and their lack of a public display of affection. We already talked about how nurturing and caring they can be, well, they learned this from their mothers. The only down side that is a Polish mother is as protective of her daughter as a Jewish mother is of her son.

ALWAYS be a gentleman.

With this in mind be sure you are always a gentleman around your Polish girlfriend, showing chivalry at every turn and bringing her flowers on all the right holidays, there are a ton of these. In doing so, also be sure to show care and respect to her mother that is sure to earn her respect and have you in her favor for a very long time.

Polish women value their education above all else. If she tells you she has to study, most likely this is absolutely true so be respectful of that fact. Keep in mind she is most likely going to be more educated than you, so value and respect her opinion; she is speaking from a place of higher education when she does speak.

While Polish women tend to be as horny as rabbits in the bedroom and super affectionate in private, they are severely uncomfortable showing a public display of affection beyond hand holding. This does make it hard to get anywhere on a date, so maybe plan dates that are kept in each other’s apartments or homes rather than in public to avoid this problem

Good luck finding your Polish match, remember my advice and have a great time meeting a woman who will love you as a man.