Isolate the Girl

I’ve seen too many guys lose an easy close because they made one critical mistake – they didn’t isolate the girl when they had the chance.
Let’s look at the basic psychology of females. Women will only go so far with you as long as she’s in sight of her friends. As long as she knows her friends are around, the infamous «slut factor» kicks in. 97% of women want to avoid being categorized as a «slut» at all costs. Usually the only thought holding a woman back from getting freaky on you is, «What would my friends think of me if I…?»

You can better understand the social pressures women face if you step into their shoes. Just imagine if you were with a hot babe on the dance floor – but – your parents were in the corner watching your every move. Would you feel comfortable simply grabbing and groping her assets and tongue lashing her mouth? Not likely – you’d probably hold back because of what your parents might think.

This doesn’t mean that women don’t want sex. Women DO want sex. And good sex, if they can get it. Why do you think half of American girls make their trip to Spring Break Mecca every year? Down South their family and friends are one thousand miles away. The social norms are out the window. All of their old anchors are gone. They’re free to go wild and crazy and have sex without being labeled a slut. So they just go for it.

Just as on Spring Break, you always must separate the woman you’re seducing from her friends and family. You must get her alone and into your world and into your world alone.
I went out with this gorgeous girl from Argentina once, who I met while doing approaches at the mall. Let’s call her Tina. I planned to bring Tina home to my pad for a dinner of salmon and lemon sauce I had carefully prepared the night before. I thought everything was going to be perfect – boy was I wrong!
She called me just before I was about to leave to instead pick her up at the mall. So I drove over. To my surprise, Tina had her FRIEND was with her. This was bad news, because the situation was violating my cardinal principle of ISOLATION.

Tina asked me to give them a ride back to her house. I agreed, thinking that would be the end of it. But once we got the problem was, she lived 40 minutes away!

By the time I drove her friend home, the two of them were talking away and then invited more of their friends to come over. It had become a girl’s night out and I couldn’t make my normal moves. I had been played when I should have put my foot down and ended the adventure as soon as her girlfriends became involved. I never took charge to aggressively isolate her and I had lost the opportunity because of it.
The following month I went out with a cute blonde. We got together in her house and I started playing with her hands and hair in the kitchen. Within a few minutes we were making out against the kitchen sink. At first, I had no intention of leaving the house the way things were going.

Suddenly, one of her prying housemates walked in on us «by accident». Introductions were made and the small talk proceeded. The cute blonde was no longer in the mood to kiss in front of her friend (the slut factor had kicked in) and her housemate didn’t look like she was going to go away on her own. This time I took charge of the situation and told my girl in the middle of the conversation, «Jeez, it’s getting late – I think we should get going now!» I ran her out of that house away from her friend as fast as I could.
Once I had her isolated – alone – she was free to act her natural, lusty self and the night proceeded superbly from then on.
Don’t be one of those guys who loses out from making this one critical mistake. Isolate the girl when you have your chance!