How To Make Sure Your Blind Date Turns Out Perfect

Do you remember how crazy scared Tom Hanks’ character was in You’ve Got Mail, when he found out his date was none other than Meg Ryan’s character whose book shop he was trying to close? Let’s hope your date isn’t quite as nerve racking, although it might feel almost as bad as a trip to the dentist, maybe we can fix some of that here.

What is important to remember is that this strange for both of you. The term blind date implies never having seen the person you are going on a date with, and even if you have seen them before you really don’t know much about them or have never met them before, this can be very scary by itself.

Most of the time we choose our dates for ourselves but in this case the match has been chosen for you, usually by a mutual friend. Keep in mind if you are both friends with this person then the potential date can’t be that bad, or if they are you might just be minus one friend. Either way I’m going to give you some advice and tools to help you with your date.

Gather Intelligence
Don’t be afraid to… ask.

As you agree with your soon to be former friend, I’m joking of course, a great starting point would be to find out as much as you can about the person you are going to date. Ask to see a picture so you at least have an idea of what the person looks like, and ask lots of questions. It is very important to ask questions that require some thought and not just yes or no answers.

If you still think the blind date will be a decent idea after asking some questions, be sure to prepare yourself so you can help the date go as smoothly as possible. Hopefully you won’t feel like you are walking to your death sentence or getting ready for a prostate exam in the process, but rather a feeling of the unknown excitement of what might be and what might become of this date.

Be Prepared (Its More Than Just the Boy Scout Motto)
Prepare for good time…

The first preparation step will be to write down some questions and topics of discussion you can bring up in case the conversation hits a lull. Please don’t get too crazy with these topics, it’s a blind date for the other person as well and you really don’t want to scare them off.

Talking about family and jobs is always good to get the conversation going, avoid topics like marriage or kids that would be a surefire way to make your date leave the room in a ball of fire. Having some topics written down will help jog your memory when you are stumbling with something to say.

What Do You Expect?
What are you hoping for?

You need to be flexible. That doesn’t mean if the other person shows up with a shotgun and dirty, smelly clothes that you should accept this as a normal date situation, but be sure you aren’t expecting a well-read supermodel millionaire as your date. If you have basically low expectations of your date, they might just surprise you.

Previous to agreeing to the date you asked lots of questions of your mutual friend, so your expectations can be set accordingly. Remember to try and relax and have fun on your date, both of you are trying to make the best impression on the other. If you aren’t expecting to meet the person of your dreams, or starting a life together before the date begins, you should be just fine.

Exit Strategy
QUICK. Run to the exit!

We’ve all heard of them, seen them acted out on TV or in movies, but the reality is this is a necessary part of any blind date. You need to make sure you have a friend who is willing to call you about 45 minutes into the date so you can fake an emergency for them and get out of the rest of the date. Chances are the other person will have one as well.

When your friend calls you have the option of getting off the phone quickly and continuing the date or acting out a scene not unlike the death scene in Hamlet to get out of there quickly. A nice twist on this scenario is if both of your ’emergency’ friends call at the same time and you both get off the phone quickly, that is a wonderful sign you both feel things are going pretty well.

Finally, It’s Over And’
Noooo! YOU Did!

The nerve racking, heart stopping, palm sweating part is over, you got through the date, but how do you end it? Make sure you speak your mind and let them know how you feel the date went. Chances are you both feel the same way about the results, so there is no reason to be dishonest here at all.

If in fact you both feel like you can set another date, go right ahead and do so, bravo for both of you. Not only do you now have a new person you are dating, but you get to keep your friend who set the two of you up for the date. That works out for all three of you, now you don’t have to burn down their garage.

On the other hand if you both felt the date went poorly and don’t want to see each other again, that is fine as well. The only caveat to this situation will be when the two of you plot to burn your former friend’s garage down together.

Have a great time on that blind date but make sure you incorporate the suggestions here, they will help save you some embarrassment as well as make the date much easier to endure.