How To Impress A Girl – The 10 Little Things That’ll Make Her Crazy About You

When a guy likes a girl, he’s prepared to go through a lot of trouble just to impress her.
If you’ve found yourself in this situation before, you should already know that more effort doesn’t give you a better chance for success in this case. What you really need is put your mind to it and focus on things that the girl will really find impressive.

Some guys giving advice on how to impress a girl swear by complicated ‘tricks’ and mind games that are supposed to help them get their way, but there are much easier ways of getting a woman’s attention than manipulating her into it. The following tips are designed to get any girl you want impressed by you, so’

Take a look:

1. Be subtle.

You don’t need to be fake to impress her.

Impressing a girl should never be about drawing all of the attention to you. Even if she notices you because of it, you will immediately be dismissed as an immature poser and show off.

Instead of pushing yourself in her face, let her slowly get to know you on her own. Nobody likes to feel forced into something, which is why subtlety can go such a long way in relationships.

2. Be confident.

As you know, girls for sex in Kazakhstan are naturally drawn to confidence. After all, confident guys have no need to show off, they are not fazed by criticism and there doesn’t seem to be a single worry on their mind.

Fortunately, you don’t have to be a TV star or millionaire to appear that way in front of your girl. Simply forget your anxiety and don’t second-guess yourself.

The truth is, that if you want a girl to be truly impressed with you, don’t rely on her approval or reaction in the first place.

3. Act naturally.

Even if you’re a nerd’ you’ll get girls!

No matter how good of an act you can put up for the girl that you’re trying to impress, you won’t be able to keep up forever. Sooner or later, your real self will show through.

That’s why most of your efforts should go towards making yourself comfortable with who YOU are, instead of manufacturing an assumed identity for the sole purpose of impressing a girl.

If you notice some actual flaws about yourself, fix them or learn to live with them.

Finally, you shouldn’t be afraid that a girl won’t like you just the way you are. Someone who is turned off by your real self isn’t worth a minute of your time anyway.

4. Work on your looks.

As any good-looking person will tell you, good looks take work.

While we all have to live with whatever features we were born with, it’s your responsibility to make the best of them. Grooming your hair, shaving before going out, getting in shape and dressing well are all essential parts of impressing a girl.

Fitting clothes can be especially important in that situation, and it’s less about how expensive they are and more about wearing the right size, color and style for your type of body.

5. Be sincere.

Whatever you do, don’t be a PLAYER!

Some ill-advised dating ‘tricks’ might have led you to believe that indifference is an essential part of trying to get a girl’s attention.

In reality, guys who use them appear predictable and boring. By acting sincerely, you get to be unique in her eyes. While you shouldn’t rely on a girl’s approval at all times, impressing her will be irrelevant if you don’t communicate your desire for her attention.

Once she has noticed you, be honest about your intentions.

6. Pay attention to HER.

Forget her boobs for a minute, man.

Every girl wants to be appreciated. Listen to what she has to say and pay attention to the things she’s wearing. She will be impressed when you compliment the new earrings she she put on, or bring up something she told you about her life earlier. As long as you don’t overdo it, you can make a girl feel special while learning about her.

7. Be honest.

Girls don’t like liars.

Never hide significant information from her, or she will feel betrayed and might never think the same way about you again. Always be a man of your word. You don’t have to promise the world to her, as long as you never go back on the promises that you actually make.

The little things are the easiest to keep track of and sometimes the most important, so make sure you stick to your word.

8. Have a sense of humor.

Having a good sense of humor is a sure way to get a girl’s attention without coming across as needy.

Everyone likes to have a bit of fun. A wide smile and some positive thinking to go with it will make every girl feel comfortable around you. By realizing that you’re an easy-going guy and a great person to hang out with, she will be impressed with you in the most subconscious way possible, leading to her being absolutely crazy about you.

9. Be proud of your talents.

Even If It IS Cat Juggling’

You don’t necessarily have to be a sports or rock star to impress a girl. As long as there’s something in your life that you’ve accomplished, you have a reason to be proud about it. If you speak about your accomplishments with confidence (not arrogance), she will definitely be drawn to you.

10. Escalate your relationship.

Once you have a girl’s attention, don’t let all of that built-up tension go to waste. Don’t wait too long and allow her to grow bored. Take the necessary steps to escalate your relationship to a new level. Let her know you’re interested in something more than a simple friendship, and that you’re willing to take a chance on it. Even if she’s not immediately swept away by your boldness, this will create very strong, sexual tension.

One final advice to anyone who’s trying to impress a girl is to do it for yourself, and not just for her or anyone else in your life. All of the above tips can provide you with qualities that will help you throughout your entire life, even if things don’t work out with the girl that you wanted to make an impression on. Improve yourself and strive towards your own goals, and girls will come to you in swarms.