How to Get Women Into Bed With You – 4 Tips to Hook Her and Make Her Want You

For most guys, getting a woman into bed is nothing more than a game of chance. They hope that they can get lucky, they hope that they can stumble upon a woman that will end up going to bed with them. Well, it does not have to be that way. There are things that you can do that will make it a LOT more likely that you start to get women into bed with you.

Here are 4 tips on how to get women into bed with you:

1. To hook a woman, you have to be able to stand out from other guys that are going to approach her.
Most really good looking women get a lot of male attention and they don’t obviously end up in bed with all of them. The way to make sure that you have a better shot than the next guy is to learn how to stand out from the other guys. If you just follow the crowd and kick game the way that all the other men do, then there is nothing there that will make you stand out to her.

2. You also have to be able to win her over with conversation.
Do you have to be the most intelligent and witty guy that she ever comes across? No. But, you also can’t expect to get a woman into bed with you if you come across as being boring and dry. You need to be able to engage her in a conversation that gets her hooked, so that she wants to hear more and more from you. That will help you to not only get her attention, but also to keep her attention where you want it to be… on YOU.

3. If you want to get women into bed, you have to learn how to escalate her attraction.
Women don’t just go to bed with every guy that wants to sleep with them, so what makes the difference and what will get her to start thinking of you as the kind of guy she does want to be intimate with? Simply put, you need to learn how to escalate her attraction for you. Most guys can end up making a woman feel some attraction, but they cannot get her to the point where it becomes so intense that she decides to throw caution to the wind. That’s the kind of guy you WANT to be.

4. To get a woman into bed with you, you have to learn how to use push/pull seduction techniques.
There should always be a push and a pull between a man and a woman, especially if your goal is to be able to get her to want to go to bed with you. Most men have no trouble with the pushing part, the part where they pursue the woman. What they do end up having a problem with, is being able to pull away at just the right time so that she ends up pursuing them. Do this and you will have an easy time getting women into your bedroom.