How to Create Pure Conversation Gold

How can you make regular conversation endlessly seductive?
Seduction can take place anytime, anywhere. The weapon of choice? Conversation gold or conversation so irresistibly good that your potential lover won’t be able to help herself.

As a master seducer in training, it’s your job to learn all the vital skills needed to accomplish your major goal, which is to convince your woman that you are a potentially good lover.

You see, women don’t just give away the title of «lover» to any guy that walks up to them. In a woman’s mind, there are three classifications of guys that are not close friends or family: new acquaintance (just a short hop from being a complete stranger), friend («Hey bud! No touching please») and hot new lover («Come here…»)

Due to society’s mores and ethos, women are advised to be cautious about sex and males in general. But like males, females also have the same tendencies and desires… If you know what I mean. So when you’re seducing a woman that is obviously also attracted to you then there can only be one logical outcome – you already know what that is!

How can you start churning out gold while talking to women?

Be Passionate Throughout the Conversation – Passion is contagious and exciting. A woman can become swept up with excitement and emotion the moment she hears a good story from a potential lover. The excitement, coupled with the beginnings of chemistry, can increase your chances of winning over someone even if you’ve just met the fine lady a few hours ago.
You can show your passion for anything by bringing the right amount of energy to the conversation and by fleshing out all the exciting details when you’re telling a story. You must be able to bring her into the experience so that she can have a good time listening to you.
One neat trick that you can use while telling the story is by adding just the right amount of dialogue to the story to keep things moving.
Make sure that if you’re going to quote someone, the quote is relevant and interesting. Skip all the uninteresting parts and make it seem like you’re telling the most interesting stories in the world.
The purpose of storytelling is to captivate a woman’s imagination and her emotions. Remember – deep down, women love adventure. If you can bring adventure into a woman’s life, she just might consider you as a potentially good lover. Think about the possibilities!

Create the Tension and Desire – As I’ve mentioned before, conversation can be used to build chemistry and ignite sexual desire between two people. Sex experts call this desire «sexual tension.»
Let me explain: tension occurs when pressure begins to build up internally. When there’s palpable pressure, the only thing that a person can think about is releasing that pressure. Because if there’s too much pressure, all the gauges and valves are shaking uncontrollably until – boom – the pressure is released!
You can create sexual tension and urgent desire in the opposite sex by using the «fire and ice» technique.

The «Fire and Ice» Technique

Fire Phase
Set the stage and bring make sure that your object of desire is having a really good time. Moods have to be mellow and she has to be comfortable and trusting already
Deepen the connection by making eye contact and doing everything you can to make yourself as attractive as possible. Read her body language and see where you stand. Does she see you as a potential friend or lover?
Drop more hints that you’d like to spend the night together. Continue dropping these cues as you share more stories with each other.
Ice Phase
When you feel that she’s now responsive to you, slow down. Act indifferent and pretend that you are completely unaware of the chemistry between the two of you.
Repeat steps a – c.
If you played your cards right, you will feel a slight increase in sexual tension every time you enter the ice phase. Be sure to end the night in the fire phase (for obvious reasons!)

Emphasize Similarity – The foundation of good chemistry is similarity. The more you can emphasize the similarities between the two of you, the better. You can discover similarities as you interact with one another. That’s why it’s so important that you take note of specific details about her so you can use this as «raw material» when you’re trying to establish good chemistry.