How to Attract Women – Why You Can’t Always Stick to One Plan

As human beings, we are naturally creatures of comfort. And that can end up being a bad thing at times, especially if you are a guy who wants to get his dating life handled and in order. See, most men end up with one plan to attract women and they stick to it and they never expand or adapt. The worst part of it is, most guys plans are completely ineffective. Even if they do okay with women, they usually have to stick to one «type» because their plan only works on one type of woman.

And that’s when it can become a really bad thing or at least a stifling one. One of the best things about life is the fact that you can add some diversity into it when you want to, and that includes diversity in the women you attract and date. However, if your plan only works on a certain type, then you aren’t going to have much diversity, are you?

One of the first things that I learned when I started to get «good» at attracting women, is that you need to be diverse, unless you want to keep dating the same kind of woman over and over again. I know a lot of guys who are «good» at getting the same type of woman over and over. Sure, the name might change and the face might change a little, but overall… it’s always the same type of woman.

So, now that you know a little about why you need to have more than one plan to attract women, let’s take a look at how you can make that happen.

1) Experience
This is one of the best ways, but it can also take a lot of time. You have to deal with different kinds of women and there is the inevitable fact that a lot of the time you are going to get shot down at first. Most men will not choose this path, because really, it sucks in the beginning when you get shot down and a lot of the time… you don’t know why.

2) Learning from others
By learning from other guys who are good at getting women, you are going to get some diversity, because not every guy who is good at getting women has the same approach. And they don’t all go after the same types of women. The best part about this is, you get to leverage all of their skills and knowledge and you can cut through the typical trial and error and get more success right away.
If you take a look at all of the statistics related to marriage, dating, and relationships… one thing is pretty clear. Most men do not end up as happy as they want to be or could be. And one of the primary reasons for this is… they never learn more than one way to attract women. How can you know what you really want unless you get to experience a little diversity and learn how to attract more than one type of woman?

No man is born knowing how to attract women. You need to find a way or better yet… multiple ways to attract women successfully…