Female Orgasm – Video Guides

Use the world famous Lovers’ Guide videos to help you achieve orgasm every time you have sex.
While male orgasm tends to be automatic, female orgasm is more elusive. Indeed, most women need to learn how to reach orgasm and will often do so through masturbation. The chances are that if a woman has never masturbated, she won’t have experienced orgasm.
Whether you face difficulties with orgasm in your relationship or want to enhance the power of your orgasm, the Lovers’ Guide has great advice to help.
We can even help make orgasm a near certainty every time you have sex. Men can learn how best to help their partner achieve her orgasm, or help them be stronger and longer, and women can learn the best techniques for helping themselves.
The Lovers’ Guide to female orgasm – key articles:
Better orgasms
Boost your orgasms with these tried and tested creative lovemaking techniques – focussing on and enhancing your pleasure while your partner assists. Learn more.
Female masturbation technique
Don’t be shy: masturbation is good for you! We explore the best female masturbation techniques to have you feeling sensual and reaching orgasm – alone or with your partner. Learn more.
Female multiple orgasms
Learn the secrets of female multiple orgasms. Why stick with one, when you can ride on wave after wave of orgasmic bliss – to complete fulfillment? Learn more.
Seven ways to be a sensual lover
A sensual self is at the heart of orgasm. Spice up your bedroom routine and reignite the fires of passion. The Lovers’ Guide shows you how. Learn more.
The big ‘O’ – understanding orgasm
Women vary enormously in the ease with which they reach orgasm. A few need only slight stimulation to reach a climax – even just fantasising may be enough. Almost every woman can reach it during masturbation. And a very few never reach it at all. The majority, though, reach orgasm sometimes, or with some partners, and there are some women who are unsure about whether what they experience is an orgasm or not. Learn more.
Faking orgasm
Why are some women better at pretending they are enjoying sex than actually enjoying it? Why do they have to fake orgasm – and what can be done? Help is at hand with the Lovers’ Guide. Learn more.
G-spot orgasm technique
The G-spot continues to cause much heated discussion. What is it? Where is it? Does it even exist? And just what does a girl have to do to experience those fabled, mind-blowing G-spot orgasms? We present an illustrated guide. Learn more.
Help her to achieve female orgasm – oral sex tips
Women love oral sex. Men, show your partner how much you love her and become a more intimate lover by giving your oral sex skills a make-over. Learn more.
What is wrong if I have never experienced orgasm?
Almost all women are able to experience orgasm, whether through masturbation or through plenty of foreplay followed by penetrative sex. There are, however, a number of reasons why a woman might find she is unable to experience orgasm. The problem is often psychological, but there might be physiological causes. Learn more.
The clitoris – purely for pleasure
Boost orgasms and maximise sexual pleasure – with nature’s blessing. After all, it is the only organ we have whose sole purpose is pleasure. Learn more.