Dating Mistakes Men Should Avoid

The art of dating can be complicated for those who have no clue on how to do it right. Getting a woman to say “yes” when you ask her out is one thing; making her not regret the decision to come is another.
Dating mistakes, my friend, is part of the motions. You are entitled to stumble once in a while. But to commit the gravest dating mistakes will certainly kill any chances you have of scoring a second date.
Here are ten most important dating mistakes men should avoid:
Dating Mistake 1: Being Overly Nice
Women fall for the bad guys. By “bad guys” we mean those who know how to get in touch with their wild side. Women feel that guys who are too nice tend to become boring. Don’t get me wrong. Don’t be a jerk; you still need to be a gentleman and know a woman’s worth. You just need to be a bit more aggressive.
Dating Mistake 2: When You Try Too Much For Her To Like You
One of the most well-noted dating mistakes men make is convincing a woman to like them with the use of logic. You can never force a woman to like you. The only reason why you would do this is because you have failed in doing the necessary groundwork, which is to create ‘sexual tension.’
Dating Mistake 3: Asking for the Girl’s Approval
If there is one thing that turns a woman off, it is a guy who doesn’t have balls. You need to be able to stand your ground and know how to take charge. You shouldn’t ask for a girl’s approval before you do anything. This is another horrible addition to the list of dating mistakes men do. When eating out, don’t ask her where she wants to eat. Make the decision yourself. You have a mind of your own. Believe me, if you ask women where they want to go, they’ll think you haven’t got the balls.
Dating Mistake 4: Her Love Doesn’t Cost a Thing
While ladies appreciate tokens, you don’t necessarily have to shower her with a lot of gifts to the point that you are emptying out your savings account. Material things don’t matter to her. Her love doesn’t have a price tag. You will eventually offend her if you keep on buying her stuff to make her feel good.
Dating Mistake 5: Becoming Overly Emotional Early On
Keep your head in the game. Take control of your emotions. You would definitely lessen your chances of committing dating mistakes if you would not give away everything you feel.Let her to express how she feels first. After that, you can show let her in a bit.
Dating Mistake 6: Sucking at Communication
Girls like to talk—a lot. And if there is something they’d appreciate in a man, it is being an attentive listener. Listening to what she says, whatever it may be about, will show her that you are really interested in her. Learn also to be articulate. Nothing can charm her that a man who knows how to communicate well.
Dating Mistake 7: Being too vain
If you care too much about how you look, to the point of being vain, women will get turned off. They like their men neat and good-looking in a manly way. Don’t constantly check how your hair looks in the mirror when you are out with a girl. If you really want to make sure your hair looks alright, just run your hands through it. Women find this move sexy.
Dating Mistake 8: Letting Her Take Away Your Power
Make her qualify to you instead of the other way around. Don’t let her take both of the reins. Take control. You don’t have to dominate entirely but you should make it clear that you are the one wearing the pants. If you give in to her most of the time, you will surely lose the sexual tension.
Dating Mistake 9: Being Clueless
Girls fall head over heels for guys who know, or seem to know, what they are doing. You need to show her that you know what you are doing. That you are in control of things. This is why guys experienced in dating score a lot more than those who are new. They already know what to do.
Dating Mistake 10: Refusing to Let Her Help
Even though you should take control of your date, you must be careful not to make her feel useless. It is alright to open doors or pull chairs for her, as those are signs of chivalry, but don’t make her not do anything. Some men commit this dating mistake. They are so eager to make their dates comfortable that they don’t let her do anything. Here’s a tip: it’s alright to pull a chair before she sits down but don’t go as far as helping her get up. She’s not crippled.
Avoid these dating mistakes men make so that you won’t have to look like a dork in front of girls.