Dating Guru’s *Dirty Little Secret* You Must Know

A lot of scam-oriented dating teachers make a lot of money teaching the *Big Lie* to men like you.
We have an important message for you today – a message that will make the difference between getting what you want with women, or simply wasting a lot of time and energy.
It’s simply this…
There’s a”dirty little secret”that most so-called”Dating Gurus”have in common.
That secret is the”big lie”that is at the core of almost all of the programs most”Dating Gurus”teach.
That”big lie”is making you fail with women – and is causing you pain and making you feel bad about yourself.

When you believe the”big lie,”you make a mistake so fundamental that it causes more failure with women, more problems, and more out-and-out PAIN than any other mistake men make.
But it’s the most popular, favorite mistake for men to make. And a lot of scam-oriented dating teachers make a lot of money teaching it to men like you.
But before we get to what the dirty little secret is, we have to talk about its effects.
Have you tried manipulative approaches with women – perhaps trying
“being cocky and funny”
and have you been left feeling like you were doing something wrong?
You probably have.
Did it feel”unnatural”to try these things?
It probably did.
And worst of all – did you feel bad about yourself, as if it was YOUR fault that those approaches felt wrong, and that they didn’t work?
Well, it’s not your fault. It’s the fault of the scam artists who sold you on the”big lie.”
So what is the”Big Lie”- and how can your get what you want with women by understanding and avoiding it?

We want to explain the”Big Lie”in an unusual way – by talking about the movie Groundhog Day.
(Don’t worry – we’re going to let you in on the secret that will let your interactions with hot women be easy, automatic, and overwhelmingly successful. This article is, in fact, a fast way to do it.)
The other night we watched the film Groundhog Day.
Have you seen it? It stars Bill Murray as a man who gets caught living the same day (it happens to be February 2nd, Groundhog Day), over and over.

He can learn and change his behavior each day, but, no matter what he does, the next morning everything around him resets itself, and it’s the previous day all over again.
Have you ever felt that way with women? Have you ever felt like, no matter what you do, the same thing happens again and again with women? If so, this will make sense to you.
You see, when Bill Murray’s character discovers that he’s living the same day over and over, he realizes it’s a chance to try to”get”a woman he’s attracted to.
He decides to become the best manipulator he can. He starts collecting information about her, and starts to figure out”the perfect thing”to say to her.

And he falls into believing the”Big Lie”: the belief that, if you can only become manipulative enough, and controlling enough, you can get what you want with women – and be happy.
So Murray tries to become the expert manipulator of this woman. He finds all her weak spots and hot buttons, and slowly develops a routine he can go through with her. He tries to find the mechanical path that will get him into bed with her.

Because each morning she’s forgotten the day before, he can test, over and over, different”scripts”with her, until he finds the script that works best.
But no matter how good his manipulation gets, she feels it. She feels manipulated. She pushes him away.
And he stresses, too. The more he treats her like an enemy he has to outsmart, outmaneuver, and defeat, the less happy and successful he is. (Does that sound familiar to you?)
He bought the”Big Lie”that some manipulative act is the”answer”with women.
Most so-called”dating gurus”make their living by selling a bogus”bill of goods”to unsuspecting men. They sell this crap to men who just want to have relationships that they enjoy with women they are attracted to. But these men get sold on the”Big Lie.”
If you’ve tried to be”cocky and funny”and ended up just feeling like a jerk, then someone sold you the”big lie,”too.

If you’ve tried hypnosis, NLP or”patterns,”and ended up just feeling like there was something wrong with you, then you also got sold the”big lie.”

We didn’t become the original, best-selling and best-respected dating gurus by”selling the big lie.”
Our book How to Succeed with Women is in seven languages with more than 200, 000 copies sold worldwide because we teach men the simple core principles of succeeding with women.
We teach the simple principles that will NEVER GO AWAY. We teach the principles that will always work, naturally, because our approach IS natural. And that’s why our work has been so successful, all over the world. And that’s why it will work for you, too.

We won’t give away the end of the movie, but will simply tell you this:
Finally, for him to get what he wanted, he had to stop focusing on manipulation and strategizing and learn to discover who he was and to express his natural romantic self.
That’s what you must do, too.

While it is true that there are some tools and techniques that can help you bring out your romantic self so you can easily get what you want with women – there’s a world of difference between that and simply focusing on becoming a better manipulator of women.

In fact, as you read these words, men who are no better than you are getting the women YOU desire.
They are doing it by bringing out their natural, romantic selves.
You can do it, too.