Casual Dating vs. an Actual Relationship

The focus of Secrets is finding and meeting girls, some of these dates will have a short shelf life, others will last well into the future and some will turn into a true relationship.
While some of us would enjoy finding and meeting the perfect girl immediately, its rare when then happens, dating, seduction, the pursuit is all about playing the game and learning what works, meeting new people, seeing if the chemistry is right etc.

Our methods will allow you to meet (and yes seduce) a wide variety of women, but the question was, what’s the difference between casual dating and a full blown relationship?

For guys dating and seduction often (most of the time) go hand in hand and the conquest is very much part of the deal. I’ll make no excuses there, since that is the primary reason for this site. On the flip side, there will come a time when you meet a girl that evokes a certain something inside that says «She’s the one.» This is normal and natural and perhaps she is the one, perhaps it’s just the pheromones (or testosterone) reining. Either way it’s at this point that a relationship begins to ensure.

Before this point, most of your efforts will have simply been focused on the conquest, will little regard to her long term feelings, or really getting to know her. A relationship is about caring and sharing and when entered, you’ll need to be open and care about the other person. Whether or not this is truly something you’re ready for is a question that only you can answer.

The difficulty sometimes is realizing when that moment is reached and not blowing it. Here at secrets, we’re all about picking up girls and seducing them, and while that might seem hardcore, we make no excuse, that’s who we are. That said, we love women and there probably is a special someone out there, the question then is, how do you find her?

Well you can bet your bottom dollar you won’t find her unless you take the bull by the horns, get out of the house, and meet some women. Whether or not your end game is to get them into the sack, or simply getting to know them better is your call, but STEP ONE, you’ve got to get their number and make the first move.