Author: Sarah

Staying Safe

The facts and statistics you need to know about sexually transmitted diseases. The odds of you getting a life-threatening STD aren’t as bad as public commercial announcements make them out to be. But they do exist – and the mystery that surrounds them just confuses the issue. Here we’ll break down with actual facts and stats just how safe – […]

Sex Addiction

When pleasure becomes an obsession… Sex addiction is one of the dependencies less confessed or visible of all the ones that exist. However, it has increased lately the number of patients seeking help because of the consequences of this sexual disorder, as is to be: Economic ruin Labor Problems Marital problems Divorces Anxiety Depression Sex addiction can manifest itself in […]

Isolate the Girl

I’ve seen too many guys lose an easy close because they made one critical mistake – they didn’t isolate the girl when they had the chance. Let’s look at the basic psychology of females. Women will only go so far with you as long as she’s in sight of her friends. As long as she knows her friends are around, […]

How to Get a Girl to Open Up to You

Discover a proven way to get a woman to open up to you very easily without prying or being pushy. Communication is one of the most important skills to have when it comes to meeting women, and so I’m going to teach you a nice little skill that you can use immediately. Unfortunately, most guys have no idea how to […]

How to Create Pure Conversation Gold

How can you make regular conversation endlessly seductive? Seduction can take place anytime, anywhere. The weapon of choice? Conversation gold or conversation so irresistibly good that your potential lover won’t be able to help herself. As a master seducer in training, it’s your job to learn all the vital skills needed to accomplish your major goal, which is to convince […]

Communication in a relationship

Communication is the vital nutrient in any relationship. To talk with our partner, to express what we feel, think or do, is one of the keys to success in love maters. But this is only half the equation. Equally or even harder is to listen and understand your partner. To talk without fighting gives us the chance to know us […]