Month: July 2019

Online Dating Advice for Guys – Are You Not Getting Much Attention?

Online dating has definitely exploded in recent years and with it, so has the abundance of men that are doing no better online than they are in the bars and the clubs. It’s easy to lead yourself to believe that joining an online dating site is going to be the answer to all of your problems, but what happens when […]

How to Get Women Into Bed With You – 4 Tips to Hook Her and Make Her Want You

For most guys, getting a woman into bed is nothing more than a game of chance. They hope that they can get lucky, they hope that they can stumble upon a woman that will end up going to bed with them. Well, it does not have to be that way. There are things that you can do that will make […]

Tips on How to Flirt With a Woman – 3 Tips Every Man Needs to Know

No matter how good or how bad you might be at attracting women, just about any guy can always stand to pick up a few tips on how to flirt with women. After all, I am sure that you have probably been at least one or two flirting situations with a woman where you just felt like you didn’t have […]

How to Attract Women – Why You Can’t Always Stick to One Plan

As human beings, we are naturally creatures of comfort. And that can end up being a bad thing at times, especially if you are a guy who wants to get his dating life handled and in order. See, most men end up with one plan to attract women and they stick to it and they never expand or adapt. The […]